Thursday, December 25, 2008


This is my first post from my new computer.  Santa was really good to me this year, he brought me a new Macbook.  I am and always will be an apple girl. 

The boys must have fooled Santa too, because we will be heading home from Iowa with a truck load of toys.    From new chairs, remote control cars, to slinkys, it looks like Santa pucked toys all over Grandma's living room.  

We had a very Merry Christmas.  We are blessed with the two best presents ever.  

Merry Christmas to All! 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Essential for Every Childhood - A Picture Crying on Santa's Lap.

We tried to talk them into sitting on his lap. Then the line behind us began to build. So we threw them up on his lap, and Santa had to hold on tight. After they got down Nathan said "Bye Santa" with tears in his eyes. Adam was a little mad at us. We thanked Santa for his strong arms. Santa complimented Adam on his amazing strength. There is nothing about this that makes sense to them. Here go sit on this guy's lap. Sure he is dressed weird, sure we are in the middle of a mall, sure you are always supposed to stay close to me in public, but here sit on his lap while I go stand by the photographer. We of course need to get this craziness documented.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank You Much

I have offically become a blog nerd. Last night at dinner we were eating take-out. Our dining expereince was complete with plastic forks, plastic knives, and paper thin napkins.

Nathan and Adam were pretending to cut up their chicken. Nathan (my little muscle man) broke his knife in half. In perfect monkey-see monkey-do fashion Adam tried to break his knife.

Adam was unable to break his so he handed in to Nathan and said "help".

Nathan proceded to break the knife handed it directly back to Adam muttering "There ya go"

Adam smiled, saying sweetly, "Thank you Much"

Melt. Melt. This is going on the Blog!!!!

Nathan is on the bear on the left.

My brother-in-law pointed out to me that more often than not, Nathan is on the left. That is how it started, Nathan was on my left, Adam was on my right. Maybe this is the natural order of things.

8 years. 2 doctorates. 1 business. 2 kids. 1 new house.

A little less than two years ago I would have been cleaning this house. I would be doing laundry, running the vacuum, and dusting the book shelves. Now in my free time I sleep and blog. My recent fight with mono has forced me to slow down. As my ever so intelligent husband and doctor told me "You won't get better until you rest!" I think I was trying to outrun the illness. Move fast and you won't notice. Well that worked until not only could I not run, I could barely stand up. Now Steve is taking the brunt of the work around here. Today is our 8 year anniversary. Without sounding like a total dork, I can honestly say today I love him more. He is still my rock. He was calm and cool through all the wedding plans. He bravely helped me through dental school. He stood strong as I got my epidural at 10cm while contracting. He was the picture of strength and calm through the "natural delivery of twins"

There are many things that cause an increase risk of divorce. Among the top ten are professional school (we had this times 2), the birth of twins, and starting your own business. Well all statistics aside, we are in this for the long haul. He is who I want to be with. He is the light in my life. He is the most kind and hardworking person that I have ever met. He is honest. He is intelligent. And those dimples don't hurt either.

There are times that life gets busy and we forget to foster this love that we have been blessed with, but those two little monsters remind me in so many ways that what we have is special. I remember when I was pregnant with the twins-before we knew it was twins. It was a couple days before our first ultrasound. I sat in the car and said the most honest prayer I had ever spoken in my life. I prayed out loud for Steve to have a boy. I had always joked that we would know who God loved more when we had kids, because I wanted an girl first and he a boy. Well that day, all kidding aside, I let God know that I thought Steve deserved a boy. I must have prayed hard, because Steve got two. So on days where he is running late, the laundry is on the floor, and the dishes are not even in the sink, I remember that day. I remember that under all this clutter is an unbreakable love.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I love being able to talk to my boys. They are learning new words everyday. Nathan has yelled "hi" to neighbors. Adam said "Merry Christmas" to Grandma on the phone. In the midst of all this talking I am sometimes left speechless. This was such the case when I was getting Nathan out of his car seat on Thursday. I was in a good mood since Thursday is my Friday. I was doing that silly mommy thing and "eating his fingers" I was making my best cookie monster sounds, and I must have gotten an little carried away. Nathan pulled his hand back shook his hand in my face and said " NO BITE!" I was speechless. Scolded by a toddler. Ouch.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


It is all in how you see it.

Noisy House. Full House.
Dog Smell. Mom's best friend
No Quiet. Great Language development.
No time to shop. Blessed to have people to shop for.
Lots of laundry. Great motor development.
Cheeks to wipe Cheeks to kiss.
Tired form work. Blessed to have a good job.
Dishes. Food to fill the dishes.
Two. Two.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

One Twin Stinks.

Okay so it is true, all we parents talk about is poop. Adam this morning woke the house up with screams of horror. I proceed to drag my tired virus stricken body out of bed, sad to see that Steve had already left for work.

I thought Adam was just angry Nathan was not upyet, but no. He was angry that he had smeared poop all over himself and his crib in an unsuccessful attempt to remove his diaper. Seriously. I am too tired to clean up this much poop.

Again Nathan thought this was funny, that is until he had to stay in his room alone while I showered off stinky brother.

One word for the day "Ducktape"


So I thought that it would be nice to have a community blog. Just Moms, Dads, Grandparents posting funny stories for all the family to see. It would be a nice way to keep in touch. It would be a nice way for the families to get to know each other.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Smell Test

There are moments that we as first time parents are never quite prepared for. Moments like the first time your child looks at you, the first time your child tells you "no." Well I had another one of these moments today. Adam has started the "cool" trick of taking his clothes off in his crib. We have found him on multiple occasions in nothing but his b'day suit.

So today I venture slowly up the stairs (as I am still feeling ill), to hear giggles from my Nathan. I open the door to a half naked Nathan laughing at a full monty Adam. Now why is this funny? Well my full monty Adam had positioned himself as to "aim" at Nathan - and was trying his best to pee on his brother. I did find a wet spot on Adam's sheets. Nathan's sheets remained dry. SO the question is, was that drool on Nathan's tummy? I was too tired to do the smell test. Let's just count it as another twin secret that it better left unsaid.

Monster Hug.

Little Monster cried and cried.
Little Monster yelled and yelled.
Momma Monster listened and listened.
To calm him she tried and tried.

Little Monster would not be calm
Little Monster would not go along
With Momma’s plans for the day
It seemed like his mission to get in her way.

Momma Monster did not understand.
Momma Monster held out her hand
She showed Little Monster her finger so long
She shook it at Little Monster to hurry be gone.

Little Monster yelled and complained.
Little Monster was not to be contained.
Momma Monster was at her wits end.
This was not how the day should begin.

Momma Monster put down her mug.
Momma Monster gave him a hug
Little Monster felt all warm and snug.

Momma Monster jumped to her feet.
Little Monster crawled into his seat.
Now this day was starting out right.
All we needed was a hug so tight.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Snow of 2008

The first snow was short and sweet. The boys played for a little bit, and then asked to go outside. Which in their language means inside. They also said it was hot, which means hot or cold, in this case cold. I only wish that when they say no that it really would mean yes.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Boys have discovered TV.

I tried to keep them away from the evil box as long as a could. But here in a moment of mommy weakness I sat them down with snacks in hand in front of what I believe was PBS. I am not sure what they were watching, all I know is the house was quiet for about 10 minutes, except for the little chomping of goldfish. Even Tucker was quiet as he was waiting for the mess that was sure to come.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wanting To Be Big Boys

Or, Our Little Clowns

Halloween with Cousins Clayton and Kaya

Nathan boldly digging for the best piece of candy

Dad helps to clean up a little candy spill

Davy Jones, Cinderella, and two little monkeys.

Nathan with cousin Kaya

Our First Trick or Treat

Our neighbors went all out.

Monkey kisses

This little monster gave the boys candy at his house, 10 minutes later the boys gave him candy at our house....sharing is nice.

Our two little monkeys had so much fun on their first trick or treat. They figured our really quickly that all they had to do to get candy was to ring doorbells. We made to about 15 houses before their little legs got tired. They grabbed candy by the handful, and Adam even said "trick or treat". We returned home to eat our goodies. They ate candy and pizza for dinner. It was a great halloween.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Often I feel that as parents we stop to take pictures so often that we miss moments. I do think that pictures help us to slow down. Sometimes we are moving so fast from work to home, make dinner, wipe faces, take out the trash.....
We just need to stop -take a breath and look at the present, appreciate the moments.

This moment is an ode to Tucker. He is the best friend a mommy could ask for. He loves the boys. He cleans up the floor. He kisses tears. He lets the boys pull on his ears. He always is up for a cuddle and a nap. Here is a ode to Tucker, my hairy baby.

Ummm. Starbucks.

There was one day that the boys were moving a little slow. So we all stopped for a caffeine fix. Ummmm....Lattes...... Okay it was really milk for the boys, but it was a great pick me up anyway.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun with My Label Maker

Who today will be the most difficult? Adam? Nathan? Anyone? A quiet day filled with trying to sort and organize all the random cds, pictures, keepsakes, etc. Before children this task might, might have taken an hour or so. Now the hours turn into days, months, sometimes years. Needless to say the boys were not much help. I am sure that there are better ways to use my label maker, but this seemed to be the most appropriate use at the time. Their little faces say it all.

Both. That is who the most difficult is. Both

Friday, October 10, 2008


We went to go get pictures taken. Nathan and Adam did so great. This was our second attempt at 18 month pictures. I had to learn my lesson from the first attempt. I had to sit back, and let the photographers do their job. I thought only I could get the boys to pay attention. Alas, it was so much better when I kept my mouth shut and my bottom on the chair.
I am really happy with how the pictures turned out. I feel like each picture captured a moment, not a pose.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Angels that still give me Butterflies.

Ever since the boys were little, morning was my favorite time. Fresh little faces laughing cute little giggles awaken me each morning. I have not used an alarm clock in over a year. Some mornings I have to drag myself out of bed, but by the time I get to the boys I feel the beauty of the morning. I remember talking to my sister about how it seems that the holidays lose their magic as we become adults with checklists of presents, food, cards and other holiday tasks. It maybe that the holidays become more chaotic, and we become less and less the little child with butterflies in out belly. I have realized that the excitement is not gone, it is just replaced by the little butterflies and excitement we feel as our children take their first steps, say their first words, blow their first kiss. There are still butterflies each morning when I wake to find two little angels in my house. It is not like Christmas morning, it is so much better.

So here is a video to morning giggles. Here is a video to the magic of children. Here is a video to help me remember although we are tired, we are blessed with moments better than Christmas each and every day.

A Windy Day in the Park

Adam and Nathan are showing off their new vests from Grandma Hauf
I did not pose them, Adam figured out the benefit of Nathan being bigger....he is a great windblock....
Tickling Wars with Leaves.
Smiles for Dad.
Giggles for Dad

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Apples Apples Apples (& Popsicles)

Popsicles for a sore tongue. Adam always trying to share. Nathan always ready to eat.

On Sunday we visited an apple orchard. Nathan and Adam ran and picked apples. I think Nathan ate five whole apples. Who knew in September it would be 90 degrees? The boys fell asleep as soon as their little bottoms hit the carseats.

I bought this new shirt, it was only ten dollars and I love it. Unfortunately I am going to have to destroy this shirt. I am not superstitious, but this shirt must be destroyed. Friday morning while I was getting ready, with my new shirt all laid out- Adam slipped and almost took the tip of his tongue off and jammed one of his teeth back on his collision with the bathtub. Being a dentist I should be ready to deal with these things. I did keep calm, but the amount of blood coming from his little mouth made even my stomach turn.
Off to the oral surgeons, no stitches thank goodness. Adam was a little trooper. He ate and played through what I can only imagine was intense pain. The tongue heals amazingly fast, especially in little ones.
We were almost 100%....then Monday morning I put on the same new shirt (I was so happy all the blood stains came out). I went to work. Adam and Nathan went to daycare. At about the exact time I was leaving work I get a call that Adam is sick. I proceed to daycare to find a very lethargic vomiting child. Blood stains out, vomit stains in.
We have been up all night. He has again shown strength and been amazingly great through all he vomiting. He will drink and he still always smiles for daddy.
I debated whether or not to post pictures, but I thought I would just put a warning.

GROSS PICTURES BELOW........................................


Friday, August 29, 2008

The Evil Quiet.

I used to love the quiet. I would come home from work and sit with the mail or a newspaper enjoying the peace. That was over 18 months ago. Now the silence scares me. If I cannot hear the boys, something bad is usually about to happen. So now noise relaxes me. I think it is like mommy sonar, I hear the jabbers and stomps, I can usually tell without looking what mess they are getting into. So I sit here in the noise with a nice hot cup of coffee, a raisin stuck to my shirt, applesauce in my hair, and relax....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beautiful Boys.

Thomas The Train

Danger - Twin Boys CrossingCorndogs for My Corndogs
A Rare Moment, Adam and Nathan both sitting and quiet.
It takes kids to make you feel like a kid again. (All of us kids had a great time)
Uncle Brian reads the best stories (That is because he tickles us with the book)
Aunt Sarah and Adam riding on the train, a lap almost as good as Mom's.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Where Do We Go Now?

I read an article the other day in Newsweek about the art of teaching your child consequences. It is one of the best lessons that we can impart onto our children. You do "x" and "y" and sure enough that "z" comes along everytime. It is not about fair or not fair it simply is. No matter how we try to spin things, good decisions and hard work seem to make a person "lucky" and "blessed" everytime.

The flip side of this is that no one can learn how to make good decisions without making the wrong turn now and then. Our children must fall down. It -------Pause for a kiss from Nathan----- is a hard balance as a parent to know when to catch them and to know when to let them fall. A little black and blue builds character, a lot may end up in permanant scarring.

So as Adam and Nathan go through life and lead each other down paths I am sure that we would rather they not go down, I hope that we catch them before the cliffs, but can let them roll down the hills.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taking a Breather at the Children's Museum

Many places to run. Nothing we cannot touch. Water and mayhem galore. This is the beauty of a children's museum. It was so much to take in we had to take a little rest on the window seat....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Words Words and Screams

It is a difficult transition in the relationship between parent and child when language is introduced. For the better part of the last 17 months I have been communicating with two of the men in my life without the luxury of words. For the first couple months we guessed and mostly pretended that we understood which scream meant what. Then we transitioned into the pointing phase. Then the point and scream phase.

Now I am proud to say that we are in the language phase. From a limited vocabulary that consisted of "up" and "ga" (meaning Tucker), we are now transitioning slowly into what I feel is going to be a language explosion.

It is amazing that they learned two words for Tucker ( Ga and Tucka ) and they really don't say Mom at all. I just keep telling myself that I am always around- so why in the world would they need to call me? It is not of course that I am constantly saying "Tucker sit." " Tucker no. " "Tucker leave it. "

Although they don't really say "Mom" they do tell me they love me. When I pick the boys up from daycare we have fallen into a little ritual. They both run to me, demanding "up" and no sooner than I have a boy in each arm they proceed to tell the teachers and other children bye - complete with waves and smiles. Although they just are saying bye I hear "I love you" each time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No cream needed.

There are those mornings when I wake up that the phrase 'Who peed in your Cheerios?" would be fitting. This morning was one of those mornings. Nathan and Adam both were screaming in the middle of the night. I ended up trying to sleep with Adam, who right when I was about to drift off punched me in the face. Needless to say that woke both of us up. When the boys were little I think that I did quite well functioning on little to no sleep. Now, as I am acustomed to a full nights rest, sleepless nights make for a baaaad morning.

As I was trying to check email while the boys were eating breakfast. Tucker was barking at the landscapers who had long since gone. Adam was filling a freshly changed daiper. Nathan was talking in a voice that was not at all his inside voice. I did feel like I was about on the verge of a mommy breakdown.

Right on cue, Adam threw a cherrio that landed just perfectly in my cup of coffee. I looked over at Adam and Nathan grinning their little 10 tooth grins. That cup of coffee with a cheerio was the sweetest cup of coffee this mom could have - no cream needed.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nathan taking a breather

Adam pondering his next move

Lambs Farm

Cow Kissing...
Chicken watching...