Saturday, January 21, 2012

Early morning computer games.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guard dog.

Lauren got to play in the snow with Rudy. He stayed by her side the entire time. Maybe we can train him to scare off boys...

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A recipe for future chefs.

Garlic salt, flour, orange juice, food coloring, powdered sugar,
Italian seasoning, paprika, and a couple eggs.

Oven for 148 minutes to make it crunchy

All we need is a brave soul to taste it !

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Friday, January 6, 2012

What They Are.

It seems that every time my Dad hugged me when I was little, which was at least everyday, he told me that I was smart or beautiful. I do not know if I was. But I do know that be made me believe that I was. Now I think I am.

What we tell our children to do, they sometimes don't. What we model for our children to do, they most of the time will do. What we tell them they are, they believe.

Nathan you are my first. Dad held you before I did, but the second I saw you you filled my heart with love and you continue to do that each day since. You are quick to laugh, and slow to anger. You are a giving person. You are great with your words. You are amazing.

Adam, I held you first. I looked into your eyes and saw love like I had never seen before. You are compassionate and kind. You have a smile that lights up your whole body and all those you are around. You are an amazing artist. You are quick to learn, and you are dedicated to do your best. You are amazing.

Lauren, my first girl. The second I held you I knew we would be bonded for life. I heard you cry so strong and loud, and I knew you would always be able to hold your own. You enjoy life. You are inquisitive and don't mind danger. You are amazing.