Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Essential for Every Childhood - A Picture Crying on Santa's Lap.

We tried to talk them into sitting on his lap. Then the line behind us began to build. So we threw them up on his lap, and Santa had to hold on tight. After they got down Nathan said "Bye Santa" with tears in his eyes. Adam was a little mad at us. We thanked Santa for his strong arms. Santa complimented Adam on his amazing strength. There is nothing about this that makes sense to them. Here go sit on this guy's lap. Sure he is dressed weird, sure we are in the middle of a mall, sure you are always supposed to stay close to me in public, but here sit on his lap while I go stand by the photographer. We of course need to get this craziness documented.

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  1. Hello!!!
    I just noticed you follow my blog so I stopped by to read yours! Your boys are SO SWEET!!! They will be 2 in Feb? Did they talk "on time"? Mine are, I fear, a bit delayed in the language area. They are 17 months, and only have a few words. I know it will come in time, just feeling the pressure from the "norms."
    Now that I found you I will check back twin mommies have a special bond...if nothing but being plain crazy:)ha!