Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I bought this new shirt, it was only ten dollars and I love it. Unfortunately I am going to have to destroy this shirt. I am not superstitious, but this shirt must be destroyed. Friday morning while I was getting ready, with my new shirt all laid out- Adam slipped and almost took the tip of his tongue off and jammed one of his teeth back on his collision with the bathtub. Being a dentist I should be ready to deal with these things. I did keep calm, but the amount of blood coming from his little mouth made even my stomach turn.
Off to the oral surgeons, no stitches thank goodness. Adam was a little trooper. He ate and played through what I can only imagine was intense pain. The tongue heals amazingly fast, especially in little ones.
We were almost 100%....then Monday morning I put on the same new shirt (I was so happy all the blood stains came out). I went to work. Adam and Nathan went to daycare. At about the exact time I was leaving work I get a call that Adam is sick. I proceed to daycare to find a very lethargic vomiting child. Blood stains out, vomit stains in.
We have been up all night. He has again shown strength and been amazingly great through all he vomiting. He will drink and he still always smiles for daddy.
I debated whether or not to post pictures, but I thought I would just put a warning.

GROSS PICTURES BELOW........................................

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