Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Brown Car and A Blue Truck

I could not be more proud.    Adam and Nathan had their first chance to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.    Adam went first and stated that he wanted a baby brown car.    Nathan stated that he wanted a big brown truck.    As you can see by my face I am in awe at how well they could articulate their wishes to the big guy.   They did explain to me that they did not want to sit on his lap, because he was scary.   We did high fives, and I am so proud.

I learned after the fact that at daycare they got to decorate stockings with pictures of things they wanted for christmas and....sure enough on Adam's was a little blue sports car and on Nathan's was a big brown truck.   How cool is that?  I sure hope Santa was paying attention.

I don't know who is more excited for this Christmas but it has to be a toss up between me and Steve.  We are biting at the bit to see their faces and hear their giggles.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Festival of Lights.

The boys are so sick of taking pictures... standing still stinks...

Ellie, Audrey, Adam, and Nathan hugging to pass time before the parade.  (I swear Adam is in there somewhere)

Token picture of Adam to keep things even.