Sunday, July 20, 2008

Words Words and Screams

It is a difficult transition in the relationship between parent and child when language is introduced. For the better part of the last 17 months I have been communicating with two of the men in my life without the luxury of words. For the first couple months we guessed and mostly pretended that we understood which scream meant what. Then we transitioned into the pointing phase. Then the point and scream phase.

Now I am proud to say that we are in the language phase. From a limited vocabulary that consisted of "up" and "ga" (meaning Tucker), we are now transitioning slowly into what I feel is going to be a language explosion.

It is amazing that they learned two words for Tucker ( Ga and Tucka ) and they really don't say Mom at all. I just keep telling myself that I am always around- so why in the world would they need to call me? It is not of course that I am constantly saying "Tucker sit." " Tucker no. " "Tucker leave it. "

Although they don't really say "Mom" they do tell me they love me. When I pick the boys up from daycare we have fallen into a little ritual. They both run to me, demanding "up" and no sooner than I have a boy in each arm they proceed to tell the teachers and other children bye - complete with waves and smiles. Although they just are saying bye I hear "I love you" each time.

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