Friday, October 30, 2009

More Poop Stories.

We are potty training.  It is hit or miss (literally).    We have some great laughs.   I take a lot of deep breaths.   All in all they are doing pretty well, except when it comes to nap time.

Today they did not go down for a nap.  They got oh so quiet.  I thought that we were close to having  a successful  nap.  Then the laughing started.   It sounded  a little evil.  I tried to ignore it.  Then I walked up the stairs.

I swear as I came up the stairs they started to whisper to each other.  I walked in and I saw two naked boys staring at me.  I smelled poop.  WHO POOPED?  WHERE IS YOUR POOP?

Nathan "I Pooped"  "Adam took it"
Adam "I Put it in here"  (POINTING TO THE AIR VENT)

I remove the cover , and like any brave mom who has touched worse, I  picked out the terds.


Nathan "Underwear all clean"

Yes Nathan your underwear is clean, BUT DO NOT PUT YOUR POOP IN HERE.

They giggle and run naked down the steps.   I go to get the clorox wipes....

Another day, another poop story.
Ready Set.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why We Scream/Why We are SOOO Cute.

The boys have those eyes.  You know those eyes that are so cute that they melt you at first glance.    Adam has that smile that cuts right through to my heart, and even as I type about it tears form in my eyes.  Nathan has that laugh, that laugh that makes you happy no matter what else is going on.   They have to be this cute.  They have to be this cute or I would have kicked them out of the house when they turned 2.

The boys have those screams.   You know the screams that make you feel like your ears are bleeding.   Adam has a scream that would make even the most experienced Mom wince.  Nathan has a scream that makes even grown men run.   When they start screaming together,  it is just down-right torture.   They have to scream, because they are so cute that if they never screamed they would not yet to be able to walk, because I would never have let them out of my arms.

They have to be so cute.
They have to scream.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Mom:   We are going to the eye doctor.

Nathan:  You hurt your eye again? (This was a follow-up we were there yesterday)

Adam:  I hurt my eye, too.  I show doctor.

(Now we are in the car)

Nathan:  Eye doctor too far (It is 30 minutes away)

(Now we are at the doctor's)

Adam:   Mom sit in big chair.  

Mom:  Do you want to show the doctor your eye?

Adam: No my eye's all better.

Nathan:  Mom, is she fixin your eye?

Mom:  yes.

The doctor thankfully was a mom, so she was patient and the boys' loved her.  I just crack up at what they say.   After all that excitement we all needed a nap.   How boring going to the doctor used to be.