Friday, December 5, 2008

The Smell Test

There are moments that we as first time parents are never quite prepared for. Moments like the first time your child looks at you, the first time your child tells you "no." Well I had another one of these moments today. Adam has started the "cool" trick of taking his clothes off in his crib. We have found him on multiple occasions in nothing but his b'day suit.

So today I venture slowly up the stairs (as I am still feeling ill), to hear giggles from my Nathan. I open the door to a half naked Nathan laughing at a full monty Adam. Now why is this funny? Well my full monty Adam had positioned himself as to "aim" at Nathan - and was trying his best to pee on his brother. I did find a wet spot on Adam's sheets. Nathan's sheets remained dry. SO the question is, was that drool on Nathan's tummy? I was too tired to do the smell test. Let's just count it as another twin secret that it better left unsaid.

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