Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Barefeet and Applesauce

We took the boys to the beach for the first barefooted run of the season, the boys like me and their Grandma Jane love being shoeless.   The water was cold, but the sand and the breeze was perfect.   I told the boys to put their arms around each other, and it looks more like a head lock.  Adam is looking at daddy taking a picture with his phone and Nathan is looking at me with my new camera.   So as Steve stated "More blog updates and less words to be expected"

Adam LOVED the slide.  

Nathan ran so hard his face turned bright red - another thing about the skin he inherited from his mommy, the good thing is that it also turns bright red with alcohol, so he won't be able to hide that from me...

Adam and Nathan helping me make applesauce just like Sid the Science Kid, they are good little cooks and will eat anything, especially if they helped make it.