Friday, December 5, 2008

Monster Hug.

Little Monster cried and cried.
Little Monster yelled and yelled.
Momma Monster listened and listened.
To calm him she tried and tried.

Little Monster would not be calm
Little Monster would not go along
With Momma’s plans for the day
It seemed like his mission to get in her way.

Momma Monster did not understand.
Momma Monster held out her hand
She showed Little Monster her finger so long
She shook it at Little Monster to hurry be gone.

Little Monster yelled and complained.
Little Monster was not to be contained.
Momma Monster was at her wits end.
This was not how the day should begin.

Momma Monster put down her mug.
Momma Monster gave him a hug
Little Monster felt all warm and snug.

Momma Monster jumped to her feet.
Little Monster crawled into his seat.
Now this day was starting out right.
All we needed was a hug so tight.

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