Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mirror Mirror

As parents we hear ourselves echoed in our children.  For good or bad, this is how it is.  

 Nathan has been throwing food lately, and I was trying to discourage him.  I had told him three times in a row, and three times I was sure he did not listen.  Unaware of the decibel that my "No" had reached, I was scolding Nathan  while changing Adam.   

After Adam was all diapered and ready to go, he proceeded over to Nathan.   He got right in his face and yelled "NO NO NO" while shaking his finger.    I was appalled at how I looked in that little mirror.  There is no need to yell. Inside voices please.  

Simple rules we have learned are the best.

Hold hands when walking in parking lots, malls, etc.
Be nice.
Sit down while eating. 
No yelling. 

If only we as adults could follow these rules...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pee Wars

I knew that this day was coming.   The day of pee wars.    I just did not think that it would come this soon.   We are ever so proud that the boys know what peeing is.   If we ask them they will pee, mind you on the floor never in the potty.  So the other afternoon Nathan peed on the floor, while proudly saying "peeing!". 

 Of course Adam followed by stating "Pee"  and squeezed out a bit.  

 To not be upstaged Nathan said "Peeing!"  and tried his best to squeeze out more.   With a couple of attempts and not even a drop.   He walked over to me soooo sweetly. 

He pointed to his penis, and said with all seriousness "Broken.  Fix it."  

Oh Nathan.  I cannot wait to tell you this story.  "It is not broken,  honey.  You are just out of pee"

"Fix it"  He asked again. 

Okay I do what I do in these situations where I am at a loss.   I just tickled him.  Hey, maybe he would pee. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


As the boys babble there are many times I cannot even comprehend one syllable.    There are times when I feel I can understand everything.  I previously have been correcting the boys about the difference between hot and cold.   Okay who knows what they understand, right?   I have always thought that speak to them as adults, and we all will remain a little more sane.  So we are walking hand in hand in hand the three of us out to the car from daycare.  I am asking them about their day.  I am pretending that they asked me about mine.  

I am feeling all "motherly" and "in control".  To put me in my place once again enter an almost two year old with a great vocabulary.

Nathan says "hot". 
"No baby"  I reply,  "It is cold"
"Hot"  he restates.
"Cold" I say.  "It is cold, that is why we have on coats and hats.  Cold.  See the snow?"
"Snow"  He replies.  "Cold."
"Yes"  I say with pride.  "Snow is cold.  It is cold outside."
"Hot"  He says at he tries to catch the steam from his breath with his red glove.
"Yes, baby"  I reply with tears in my eyes, "You are right, your breath is hot"

So there I was again schooled by an almost two-year-old.   Schooled in the importance of perspective and listening.    

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kessler Grandkids

The challenge each year becomes getting all the children to sit still  long enough for a picture in front of the tree.  I was armed with two cookies, one camera, and one video camera.   Soon the boys were sitting.   Then came the other grandkids.    We did take some pretty good pictures, but as you can see they were not still or sitting.   As the boys started to wander away I sent them back to "feed Santa."   Next year will hopefully be easier.   

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year.

So it is resolution time.  Each year I try, as many others do, to make positive changes in my life. Each year I feel that I fail.   I was trying to come up with things to start today that could make my life better, things that could make my families life better.   As I was thinking I was reminded of a conversation with a friend that is far more wise than I.   She stated that it is good to fail.  Failing means that you tried.  So here is to trying.   It is not that I will make these new resolutions stick, it is that I am trying to be better, trying to live better. 

I will try to think of three positive things about each day (thank you fellow bloggers for the idea)
I will try and realize the blessings of those in my life
I will try and not agonize about my own failures that I see mirrored in others.  
I will try to be more frugal.
I will try to find balance.
I will try to laugh more.
I will try to stress less.

Three positive things about today.
1. I hugged my sister, her son, and her husband.  
2.  We ate a home cooked meal.
3.  My car is pretty clean.