Friday, August 29, 2008

The Evil Quiet.

I used to love the quiet. I would come home from work and sit with the mail or a newspaper enjoying the peace. That was over 18 months ago. Now the silence scares me. If I cannot hear the boys, something bad is usually about to happen. So now noise relaxes me. I think it is like mommy sonar, I hear the jabbers and stomps, I can usually tell without looking what mess they are getting into. So I sit here in the noise with a nice hot cup of coffee, a raisin stuck to my shirt, applesauce in my hair, and relax....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beautiful Boys.

Thomas The Train

Danger - Twin Boys CrossingCorndogs for My Corndogs
A Rare Moment, Adam and Nathan both sitting and quiet.
It takes kids to make you feel like a kid again. (All of us kids had a great time)
Uncle Brian reads the best stories (That is because he tickles us with the book)
Aunt Sarah and Adam riding on the train, a lap almost as good as Mom's.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Where Do We Go Now?

I read an article the other day in Newsweek about the art of teaching your child consequences. It is one of the best lessons that we can impart onto our children. You do "x" and "y" and sure enough that "z" comes along everytime. It is not about fair or not fair it simply is. No matter how we try to spin things, good decisions and hard work seem to make a person "lucky" and "blessed" everytime.

The flip side of this is that no one can learn how to make good decisions without making the wrong turn now and then. Our children must fall down. It -------Pause for a kiss from Nathan----- is a hard balance as a parent to know when to catch them and to know when to let them fall. A little black and blue builds character, a lot may end up in permanant scarring.

So as Adam and Nathan go through life and lead each other down paths I am sure that we would rather they not go down, I hope that we catch them before the cliffs, but can let them roll down the hills.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taking a Breather at the Children's Museum

Many places to run. Nothing we cannot touch. Water and mayhem galore. This is the beauty of a children's museum. It was so much to take in we had to take a little rest on the window seat....