Saturday, December 6, 2008

One Twin Stinks.

Okay so it is true, all we parents talk about is poop. Adam this morning woke the house up with screams of horror. I proceed to drag my tired virus stricken body out of bed, sad to see that Steve had already left for work.

I thought Adam was just angry Nathan was not upyet, but no. He was angry that he had smeared poop all over himself and his crib in an unsuccessful attempt to remove his diaper. Seriously. I am too tired to clean up this much poop.

Again Nathan thought this was funny, that is until he had to stay in his room alone while I showered off stinky brother.

One word for the day "Ducktape"


  1. Oh, that is just no fun. I'm telling you I think that is a boy thing. It's never happened in my house, but my mom-friends who have boys all have their own similar poop stories to tell!

  2. What a fun blog! It's been fun seeing photos of your adorable boys. I think Adam looks like you, and Nathan like Steve. You all look great! I'm sorry to hear you are sick. We haven't had one well day in our house since the cold weather hit. Someone is always down for the count. No fun indeed!

  3. I'm laughing again at your adventures... a poop covered kid and a Katie with duck tape... and then the picture of Tucker I just looked at today with a bone caught in his mouth... the fun just never stops in the Hauf household does it? I'm so looking forward to seeing you guys before too long!!!