Tuesday, February 24, 2009



We worry about what a child will be tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.
 - Stacia Tauscher
I have been reading this wonderful book  The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D.  It is amazing.   It is not only helpful because I myself am an introvert, but my Adam is as well.   It has helped me to understand his frustrations and my frustrations with him.  One of the most amazing points the book makes is that introverts recharge from within and extroverts recharge from the outside world.  Simple concept, but aha moment indeed. 

So here I am blessed with two amazing children.  They are alike and different in so many ways.  The main difference I am coming to understand is that Nathan is more of an extrovert and Adam is more of an introvert.   This concept helps me to teach them each more effectively and to understand them each in their own right.  

Adam tends to soak in things, like language.  He will listen time and time again to a word without trying to say it.  Just at the moment that he feels he has practice enough in his head , he states "elephant" or "ambulance"   It is amazing and astounding to hear him say the word so clearly. 

Nathan tends to throw it all our there.   If you say ketchup, he tries and tries to say it.  Right now it sounds like "cabbage", but hey I know what he means.   It is amazing how he puts it all out there.   He loves attention and LOVES to talk to people.  

What a blessing to be born with a friend that can help you look out and that can help you look in.  Adam will help Nathan look in.  Nathan will help Adam look out.   I can't imagine a better blessing, except maybe to be their mom.  They help me to look in and look out.  I am truly blessed more than anyone deserves.   

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dogs Boxes and Playdough

Sometimes a Mommy will do anything to try and get away...

Sometimes she thinks of shipping her kids off...

But then they smile... (Thanks for the great shirts Aunt Kirby!)

We promise not to get playdough on our new shirts.

Tucker with over 50 pounds of love on his back. 

Two Arms

There are times when two arms are not enough.   Two nights ago the boys had just went down for the night.   Adam decided that he needed mommy, I usually do not give in to these demands but there was something in his cry that made me turn into mush.   I went right in to go rescue him from his crib.  Although I tried to be very sly, Nathan spotted us.   As soon as I laid down with Adam in our bed, Nathan begin calling for me.   

The soft calls soon turned into the high pitched freaked out cry "Mommy UP"  Okay deep breath time.  Daddy will get him.   His cries continued.   Daddy did get him, but my heart was breaking.   They both wanted me.  And I needed them both.   I had Adam calmed down, but more than anything I wanted my Nathan sleeping on me too.   I tried like the brave twin mommy I am to have this happen.  Of course they start talking to each other, and soon I am half asleep with four little footsteps  all around.  

They are more than one armful, and two arms were not enough. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh Adam.

Adam is a charmer.   He has one of those smiles.   It is amazing how young they are when they "learn to work it"   We were leaving daycare yesterday and Adam was saying goodbye to all that he passed.  There was this one particularly beautiful young worker by the exit.  He was smiling that smile of his, and saying in his cute soft voice "Bye, Bye"  I think he was entranced by her because he kept his eyes facing back toward her as he inched closer to the door....closer....still smiling cute.   Bam.  He ran into the wall.   In true playboy style, he never lost that cute smile.   He did not even miss a beat, he just said Bye one more time and pushed open the door. Lock up your daughters.