Tuesday, December 16, 2008

8 years. 2 doctorates. 1 business. 2 kids. 1 new house.

A little less than two years ago I would have been cleaning this house. I would be doing laundry, running the vacuum, and dusting the book shelves. Now in my free time I sleep and blog. My recent fight with mono has forced me to slow down. As my ever so intelligent husband and doctor told me "You won't get better until you rest!" I think I was trying to outrun the illness. Move fast and you won't notice. Well that worked until not only could I not run, I could barely stand up. Now Steve is taking the brunt of the work around here. Today is our 8 year anniversary. Without sounding like a total dork, I can honestly say today I love him more. He is still my rock. He was calm and cool through all the wedding plans. He bravely helped me through dental school. He stood strong as I got my epidural at 10cm while contracting. He was the picture of strength and calm through the "natural delivery of twins"

There are many things that cause an increase risk of divorce. Among the top ten are professional school (we had this times 2), the birth of twins, and starting your own business. Well all statistics aside, we are in this for the long haul. He is who I want to be with. He is the light in my life. He is the most kind and hardworking person that I have ever met. He is honest. He is intelligent. And those dimples don't hurt either.

There are times that life gets busy and we forget to foster this love that we have been blessed with, but those two little monsters remind me in so many ways that what we have is special. I remember when I was pregnant with the twins-before we knew it was twins. It was a couple days before our first ultrasound. I sat in the car and said the most honest prayer I had ever spoken in my life. I prayed out loud for Steve to have a boy. I had always joked that we would know who God loved more when we had kids, because I wanted an girl first and he a boy. Well that day, all kidding aside, I let God know that I thought Steve deserved a boy. I must have prayed hard, because Steve got two. So on days where he is running late, the laundry is on the floor, and the dishes are not even in the sink, I remember that day. I remember that under all this clutter is an unbreakable love.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! This is a beautiful post; and a very good reminder to me to stop and be thankful admist the insanity and lack of sleep.