Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blue Skies

When I was pregnant with the boys I freaked out one night that the boys might ask me why the sky is blue and I would not know what to say.    I mean, as a mom, I need to have these cute concise correct answers down pat.   

Internet to the rescue.  I searched for the answer, read all the sites I could.  Then I came up with my own little concise answer.  Okay now I could rest.  No.  Pregnancy hormones must have been in overdrive, because I took the blue sky quest to the next level. 

Steve must know the answer too.  I sat there ignoring what was probably a really good game or show of some kind that he was watching.  I read him a couple sites, told him my answer to the sky blue question.   Proceeded to ask him what he thought he would say.   Sweetly he said that sounded good....or you could always look it up with them on the internet.  

I am still holding on to my answer....what if they ask me in the car...or when we are camping....

I can't let them know that I have no friggin' clue until they are  much older....

1 comment:

  1. it's funny how we can get so obsessed with little things when we become parents. i had to change my perspective on so many things when i became a mommy. had to, did, whatever. i've never thought about the blue sky thing, but i have plenty of my own worries and vices. i guess we just tackle things when they come. it's nice that you have a plan, though. except what if they never ask about the sky but want to know why the grass is green (or the sun is yellow, etc.)? Crap, back to google.