Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Matters.

Adam and Nathan are talking so much right now.    They tell me about trucks, and school buses.   Sometimes they talk so fast or soft that I cannot understand anything.   We are learning colors and shapes.  Everything is blue or a triangle right now, but we are getting there.  

Nathan as we were leaving daycare yesterday proceeded to point to the coats on the wall and tell me who they belonged to.   Kyle's coat.  Derrick's Coat.  Eva's coat.   So cute.  Thank goodness their names were above their coats, or I might have thought he was faking it.  

Adam wanted me to hold him as we walked out of daycare.  I explained to him that Nathan need to be carried, and Adam could walk out.  Nathan had an boo boo on his head, and he needed mommy.  Adam looked at me looked at Nathan.  He then stated for all to hear, "No.  Nathan walk."  

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