Monday, March 30, 2009

EWW STINKY Makes My Monday 2

Thank goodness for pampers!  

Nathan's skin reacts to everything.  We can only use the regular pampers, not huggies, not pampers cruisers, not Target brand....or his little bottom becomes a a red hot bum. 

He has had four explosive diarrheas this morning already.  His bum is only slightly red.  And we have only gotten one little drop on the carpet.   I have my handy helper, Adam, to get plastic bags and lots of wipes.   The entire time the are both holding their noses, saying " EWW STINKY"

If my little Nathan bean can smile while he is having the runs and the pukes, I can surely smile while cleaning it up.  

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  1. Oh bless your boys' hearts! (and is SOOO hard when you feel like there is so little you can do...) Think your collective attitude is to be much commended!

    Love what Makes Your Monday...thanks for making mine by playing along!

  2. Oh no. Poor guy! Ouch!

    Mine can only wear Pampers or organic diapers... so we are now using G diapers.