Sunday, March 29, 2009


Adam: " trade, trade" (referring to trading the green sippy for the blue one)

Nathan  crying

Mom: " He does not want to trade.   Just drink out of the green one."

Adam:  "trade trade"

Nathan:  "NO"

Mom:  "Adam you always want the green sippy. "

Adam:  "TRADE!!!"

Mom: " Adam.  Stop." 

Adam crying.

Nathan: "Trade Trade!"

Adam: "NO"  (smiling)

Nathan giggles.

Mom ...just walking a way...deep breaths....

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  1. i recently read a little post from a mom on an e-listserv i subscribe to about "parenting mantras." i liked one enough that i ripped it off and use it myself. when things get tough and i feel the screaming coming on, i try to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and repeat to myself, "this is SO developmentally appropriate." unfortunately knowing that doesn't usually make it easier. but i guess it's a reminder to myself if nothing else :)