Tuesday, March 24, 2009

762 days

The boys have been learning and growing (outside of me) for 762 days.    I remember the first time I held them.  I still can taste the first time I kissed their little heads.   My heart flutters as I remember the first time 10 fingers curled around mine.  

As they age I am sure birthdays, zoo trips, and first days of school will be remembered.   I am sure pictures of catching frogs, chasing bubbles, and first water slides will be captured.   In my memory, though, it will be days like today that are forever tucked into the category "priceless."

This day, 762, we colored at the kitchen table.  We watched "SuperWhy."   This day we sat on the couch and read for the 418th time the little people picture book.   They name things from ambulances to frogs.  I laugh at the thought of reading it when all the could say was bird and ballon.  I would go right to those pages to point to what they knew again and again.  Now I try to stump them with pictures of trash cans, cabbage, and potato salad.   

As we sat down to lunch and all shared three peanut butter and honey sandwiches I felt it.  I felt what we only feel at certain blessed moments in our life.   I felt pure love.   I looked into four little brown eyes and teared up at all we have been through over the past 762 days.  

I laughed at the days when I would call Steve in tears telling him to order chinese, and to be home as soon as possible.   It was hard the first couple months for me and Steve.  We really did not have any outside help since we lived so far from our family.     We just went day by day.  We read parenting books, I cried, we laughed.    Looking back I would not change a thing.  

We have gone from carrying two infant seats up three flights of stairs, to two toddlers crawling in and out of their car seats, and walking up and down the stairs all on their own, many times not even holding on to the rails.  

What is it about this 762nd day that has got me so mushy.  Well as I type, my little princes are sleeping in their cribs for the last time.   When they wake up I will take pictures, and shed some tears, then the cute little white cribs will become cute little toddler beds.   

This sappy music is not helping to fight the tears.   Lord help us on their first day of school.  


  1. I noticed you were following my blog and I thought I'd stop by and say hi. our boys are adorable and I Love your post. I also loved the quote you had a few posts back about loving who they are TODAY. Great thoughts!

  2. This song gets me every time...and your words, well thanks I'm a mess now:) You're such a great mommy, it's evident.

  3. Oh Katie, I LOVE that you are day counting! :)
    And I LOVE your blog, fellow Fishful Thinker!

    Going to follow you...and I LOVE blogs that are "sensitive, silly and sappy!"