Friday, March 20, 2009


We joined friends at "Pump it Up"  to bounce away some energy for the boys, and stress for me.  The kids had tons of fun, as for the moms, I think we got a little tired.   Then we headed off to eat mac and cheese at Noodles and Company.   It was a great day, the boys slept for hours.   

Adam and me at the new Dalpiaz crib.

Nathan admiring his monkey slippers.  


  1. Thanks Katie! To answer your question...we start off the day matching/coordinating, but after that all best are off:) People ask me all the time if I dress them alike and why-I guess it's because it's easy for ME! And I know soon they'll have their own, very different opinions about what to wear...
    Your boys are adorable...too bad we don't live close wouldn't they have a fun playdate!?!?:)

  2. the photo of you and adam is so cute. pump it up is a great place for working out the energy. if only it was a bit cheaper, we'd go more often.