Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girls and Cars (Hot Pink Barbie Cars)

A moment I will treasure forever  was watching Adam driving with his cousin Kaya.   Kaya had been giving Adam a ride in her hot pink Barbie car.    She had  wandered off to better things,  so Adam decided to take a stab at driving.   He did very well for his first time, although steering was an afterthought to how hard he could stomp on the gas peddle.   

So there he was cruising in his pink Barbie car....when the charm came.   He stopped right by Kaya, opened the passenger door, and patted the seat.....She climbed in and Adam smiled his little Adam smile, and off they drove into the sunset....well okay off they went in circles.   

Are you kidding me?   He is already learning to pick up chicks?    I picture him in a red convertible mustang with a blond bombshell beside him   Oh Adam. 



  1. Hey--that could be one of my blondes in that future with Adam! :)

  2. Awwww...these are some childhood memories that will surely last forever. I also bought my daughter a Barbie car when she was small, and until now, she still treasures her first-ever car.

    -Laurence Modithre

  3. Oh, Adam and Kaya are so adorable! Good thing you have a camera on hand to capture the precious moment. I have a nephew who just turned two and he is just beginning to get the hang of his new toy car.

    Kerstin Shed