Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Mom:   We are going to the eye doctor.

Nathan:  You hurt your eye again? (This was a follow-up we were there yesterday)

Adam:  I hurt my eye, too.  I show doctor.

(Now we are in the car)

Nathan:  Eye doctor too far (It is 30 minutes away)

(Now we are at the doctor's)

Adam:   Mom sit in big chair.  

Mom:  Do you want to show the doctor your eye?

Adam: No my eye's all better.

Nathan:  Mom, is she fixin your eye?

Mom:  yes.

The doctor thankfully was a mom, so she was patient and the boys' loved her.  I just crack up at what they say.   After all that excitement we all needed a nap.   How boring going to the doctor used to be.

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