Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why We Scream/Why We are SOOO Cute.

The boys have those eyes.  You know those eyes that are so cute that they melt you at first glance.    Adam has that smile that cuts right through to my heart, and even as I type about it tears form in my eyes.  Nathan has that laugh, that laugh that makes you happy no matter what else is going on.   They have to be this cute.  They have to be this cute or I would have kicked them out of the house when they turned 2.

The boys have those screams.   You know the screams that make you feel like your ears are bleeding.   Adam has a scream that would make even the most experienced Mom wince.  Nathan has a scream that makes even grown men run.   When they start screaming together,  it is just down-right torture.   They have to scream, because they are so cute that if they never screamed they would not yet to be able to walk, because I would never have let them out of my arms.

They have to be so cute.
They have to scream.

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