Tuesday, January 13, 2009


As the boys babble there are many times I cannot even comprehend one syllable.    There are times when I feel I can understand everything.  I previously have been correcting the boys about the difference between hot and cold.   Okay who knows what they understand, right?   I have always thought that speak to them as adults, and we all will remain a little more sane.  So we are walking hand in hand in hand the three of us out to the car from daycare.  I am asking them about their day.  I am pretending that they asked me about mine.  

I am feeling all "motherly" and "in control".  To put me in my place once again enter an almost two year old with a great vocabulary.

Nathan says "hot". 
"No baby"  I reply,  "It is cold"
"Hot"  he restates.
"Cold" I say.  "It is cold, that is why we have on coats and hats.  Cold.  See the snow?"
"Snow"  He replies.  "Cold."
"Yes"  I say with pride.  "Snow is cold.  It is cold outside."
"Hot"  He says at he tries to catch the steam from his breath with his red glove.
"Yes, baby"  I reply with tears in my eyes, "You are right, your breath is hot"

So there I was again schooled by an almost two-year-old.   Schooled in the importance of perspective and listening.    


  1. I love your blog. It always puts a smile on my face and helps me remember the important things in life - family!

  2. oh, that brought tears to my eyes. they are amazing little people, aren't they?:)