Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year.

So it is resolution time.  Each year I try, as many others do, to make positive changes in my life. Each year I feel that I fail.   I was trying to come up with things to start today that could make my life better, things that could make my families life better.   As I was thinking I was reminded of a conversation with a friend that is far more wise than I.   She stated that it is good to fail.  Failing means that you tried.  So here is to trying.   It is not that I will make these new resolutions stick, it is that I am trying to be better, trying to live better. 

I will try to think of three positive things about each day (thank you fellow bloggers for the idea)
I will try and realize the blessings of those in my life
I will try and not agonize about my own failures that I see mirrored in others.  
I will try to be more frugal.
I will try to find balance.
I will try to laugh more.
I will try to stress less.

Three positive things about today.
1. I hugged my sister, her son, and her husband.  
2.  We ate a home cooked meal.
3.  My car is pretty clean.  

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