Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pee Wars

I knew that this day was coming.   The day of pee wars.    I just did not think that it would come this soon.   We are ever so proud that the boys know what peeing is.   If we ask them they will pee, mind you on the floor never in the potty.  So the other afternoon Nathan peed on the floor, while proudly saying "peeing!". 

 Of course Adam followed by stating "Pee"  and squeezed out a bit.  

 To not be upstaged Nathan said "Peeing!"  and tried his best to squeeze out more.   With a couple of attempts and not even a drop.   He walked over to me soooo sweetly. 

He pointed to his penis, and said with all seriousness "Broken.  Fix it."  

Oh Nathan.  I cannot wait to tell you this story.  "It is not broken,  honey.  You are just out of pee"

"Fix it"  He asked again. 

Okay I do what I do in these situations where I am at a loss.   I just tickled him.  Hey, maybe he would pee. 

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