Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Binders and Kicks

I remember when I was pregnant with the boys, before I knew it was twins. This means that I was not even 20 weeks yet. I had this planner with what we needed to buy, the cheapest pave to buy it, and what date we needed it by. Then at 20 weeks we found out that it was twins. Everything changed. The binder went into the garbage and we started to just enjoy the ride.

Now I am thirty weeks pregnant with number 3, there is no binder in site. There is no bedding in the nursery, there is no paint on the walls. We have about 4 onsies and 1 pair of pink pants, of which I have bought one. There maybe a name, but we are not for sure.

The kicker is, I am enjoying the ride so much this time. I love to feel her kick. I love to dream about what she will say, what will make her smile, and whose eyes she will have.

The other night as the boys and I enjoyed a night of sleeping in the same bed I had the best moment. The boys were on either side kicking my side as they tried to fall asleep. The kicks must have excited their sister, because she began to kick to. For the first time I was kicked by all three kids at once. I know that sounds abusive, but they were nice kicks, and it was a heavenly moment.

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  1. I love this:) -and hey, I could totally help you out with some more pink pants:)...