Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So I have been feeling a little under the weather lately. I have allergies or a cold, I can't really decide. That being said I am not the most patient person lately. Due my attitude it seems like all Nathan and Adam do is fight. I thought that the infamous fight over whose imaginary ball it was, was going to go down in the books as the dumbest thing to fight over ever. This was when the boys were about two and they were playing catch with an imaginary ball while we were coming home from daycare. This is the perfect toy if you have not used it yet.

Why the imaginary ball is the perfect toy for the car
1. It is free
2. It can never be dropped and roll to a place where you are not able to reach it
3. It can be whatever color you want it to be.
4. It never gets dirty
5. It never gets lost
6. It does not hurt when it hits you in the head while driving.

But all that being said, the boys found a way to fight about whose ball it was. I tried to give them another but it was not the same. So I had to take the ball away. who knew one could take away an imaginary ball. I even thought about making some imaginary scissors to cut a hole in it.

Anyway so back to the fight worse than that. We had company and I was trying to keep my early birds quiet while our company slept in. Well they did not do good. They were finally getting along and actually sharing the trains, while the fight over who should say thank you begun. This went on for a couple minutes and ended in tears and both boys screaming "You're welcome!"

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