Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big Boy Beds and Peeing in the Potty

We converted the cribs to toddler beds.   They crawl up into their little beds as we read stories of moons, rabbits, and various other tales.  As we close the door we hear whispers of little voices, surely exchanging stories of the day.   

Stories of toys lost or broken.  Stories of the amazing feat of peeing in the potty that has been accomplished.   Stories of silly mommy trying to keep the house clean and noses wiped.    

Hold on tight to the bottles and the midnight feedings.  Hold on tight to sleepless nights spent with crabby babies.   Hold on tight to diapers and footed sleepers.  

I am holding on tight, but boy are they squirming. 

1 comment:

  1. Is the transition really that easy?? I'm nervous as heck to get rid of their cribs. Don't they just "party" in there all night?!?:) I think I'll be begging for insight when the time the way I'm waiting till I absolutely HAVE to! :)