Friday, March 28, 2008


The last time that I bought high heals was when I was all fat and pregnant and had the honor of being in my best friend's wedding. That was one of the few times in my life that I had bought shoes that hurt my feet. In those shoes defense, it was not the shoes that were the problem, but the extra fifty pounds that those swollen feet had to carry. Now shoe shopping is an altogether different experience. First of all I am usually buying shoes for the Nathan, Adam, and myself. Secondly, my basis for a pair of shoes is as follows 1) Can I get them on and off without hands? 2) If running after a child will I be able to actually run? 3) Are they going to show dirt? Then the fun begins. So Nathan needs a size 5 wide, really? Who carries that? So spend about fifty dollars and there are plenty of 5 wide shoes. I would prefer to spend out 10. 50 for shoes on a one-year-old. Come on. So we find soft shoes that will work. Velcro. Great. They have two size fives. I can just make Adam's tighter and Nathan's more lose. So we bring the shoes home. Suddenly I hear the rip and rip and rip of Velcro being unfastened and fastened again. I stare down at 10 naked toes (5 per child) and go in search of the missing two right shoes. Okay we get ( when I say we I mean me as in Mom) all four shoes on. Quick - slip on my shoes (while holding both boys) and run out the door.

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