Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is it hot? / Is it hard?

Meal time is quite and adventure. When Steve and I were dating we had so much fun going to movies and out to eat. I have to say as much as I loved those days, these are my favorite days to date. We still love to go out to dinner. Now our server gets a much bigger tip because of all the noise and extra food on the floor. While the words "Is it hot?" and "Is it hard", may conjure up an altogether different scene is some people's minds - for us it it the distinct pleasure of tasting all foods that our little ones eat. We have even turned into birds at some point. That is we put food in our mouths to check if it is too hot or too hard and then procede to feed this "checked food" to the boys. Is is amazing how becoming a parent changes your perspective. It is true at times Steve and I are too tired and overwhelmed to even say good morning. The entire truth is that we are so close now that sometimes words are not needed at all. There is nothing that says romance like seeing your husband spit food into his hand.

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