Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun with Gourds

Put down the debit cards, no money is required for fun. It is true there are boxes of toys at home, boxes of toys inside Grandma's house. What do the boys want - they want to play with the gourds that are drying in Grandma's garden. There always seems to be dirt associated with our fun. Really what is better than a muddy molding gourd -really? So as any good mom would do, I sat down on the cold damp dirt and played muddy moldy gourds with Nathan and Adam. I figure the millions of germs they were exposed to helped their little immune systems, and the millions of smiles and giggles helped Mom's.

Nathan rolling the gourd. Maybe someday this will be an olympic sport.

Adam riding his gourd. Okay, maybe this is not for the olympics.

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