Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Sweetest Things.

Adam and Nathan are changing and learning new things so quickly right now. We are trying to use plates and forks. As of now Adam and Nathan have not broken any plates. Teaching them not to throw the food off of the plates is quite another story. It does make it extremely difficult not to throw food when Tucker looks so silly trying to catch it.

Nathan learned how to open the doors in the house and at daycare. Adam must have been watching because one day later he was opening doors as well. So now the front door is always locked. The garage door can't be locked from the inside....I hope that they are still too young to steal the car.

They have learned to do the sweetest things. The other day I handed Nathan two sippy cups and asked him to give one to his brother. Nathan walked over to Adam and handed it to him. It melted my heart. This is not to say that the exchanges between the twins is always this loving. One night Nathan was exhausted and laying on the floor. Adam proceeded to smack him on the head and then plopped right on top of him in true WWF fashion. What goes through a 15 month-old's head we will never know. Maybe this was Adam's version of a hug-a hug that is something I have not yet seen between the boys.

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