Friday, May 9, 2008

State Park

We all met at Starved Rock State Park for a mini family vacation. This is all of us, minus Grandma and Grandpa. As you can see to get six children to hold still takes mommy arms and daddy arms. All the while lets try to get everyone to smile. I just imagine 15 years from now showing the boys this picture. Steve and I will give each other that look....remember when they were just little pumpkins?
Steve made the comment that he could not tell who had more fun the little kids or the big kids. That seems to be the greatest gift that our children can give us. They show us how to have fun again. We giggle for no reason. We tickle all the time. We chase each other around the house. Even the grocery store is fun (sometimes) And the water park- that was ridiculously fun. The boys loved the water. They were still a little young for the big slides, but the loved the kiddie pool and watching everyone.
At the end of the weekend we were all tired. Adam and Nathan were crabby. Steve was exhausted. And I got sick. I was unable to talk for two days. This was just the break that we all needed.

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