Friday, March 13, 2015

Getting it Right 5 Times

The two big boys came with is to see this little guy. Such a great moment to feel him move as Steve and the boys saw him move. And through tears I saw my boy's little mug for the first time.

When we were pregnant with the twins, before we knew it was twins,  I had stated that I wanted a girl first. Steve wanted a boy. So I prayed for him to get a boy. Ummm- he got two.  No more praying on his behalf.

With Lauren, I wanted a boy - because heck I knew I was pretty good with boys. Steve wanted a girl. We were blessed with a wonderful Daddy's girl.

With Emma- I thought it would've great for the boys to have a little brother - Steve wanted a sister for Lauren.  We got our angel Emma.

With this one I wanted a girl - so Steve would be the only boy when the twins left. Steve wanted a boy. Well Steve you are five for five. You win. I am not going to try anymore to prove you wrong. In this case father's  intuition trumps mother's intuition.

He told me he just "knew" each time.  Maybe I will get the grand kids right.

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  1. Such a beautiful story. I love my sister and her family!