Saturday, May 14, 2011

Missed Pictures.

Third child syndrome. There may not be quite as many pictures of Lauren. But that does not mean that she is less special, or less admired. Here are a few things that I have learned since they boys were babies. Sometimes when I use camera too much to try to capture all those little cute moments, I loose moments of just enjoying my child. Sometimes I need to just forget the baby toys and sit down and play. Sometimes, okay a lot, of times I am not going to be the perfect Mom. But I love Lauren more than words could ever express.

Over the past week I have been witness to moments that are documented only in my mind. Lauren decided to try to stand without holding on to anything. And she did. And she smiled big. At me. I was so happy I could have cried. Then she did it again. Now she has entered the falling down stage. I hate it. I hate to see little bumps on that beautiful sweet noggin.

Moment two. It was crazy. She is not even 7 months yet and she crawled up the steps. No just a couple... she crawled all the way upstairs. ALL of the stairs. She did it fast and without falling once. I can't blame her though. At the top of those steps sat the two best brothers in the world. I would crawl anywhere for those boys too.

Third moment was by hands down the fourth greatest moment in my life. The boys were trying to jump up on my bed from the floor. I was hold Lauren and she was laughing like you would not believe. It was so loud I had to keep turning her around to make sure it was all happy screams. Then I proceeded to help Lauren "chase" her brothers around... and when we caught Adam he gave her kisses, and that Nathan was just to giggly to catch.

Lauren Ann. We love you. Your smile lights up our house. Your laughter lights up my world. Your determination.... scares me.

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