Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trains, Police Cars, and Minivans.

The laughter somedays does not end.   Sometimes the laughter comes from pure joy.  Other days it comes from frustration.

Pure Joy.

Adam sitting at the kitchen table in just his underwear.   Adam farts.   Adam states "Choo Choo Trains coming out of my butt."


The three of us on our way home from a long day at daycare/work.    It is later than usual.    The boys are really hungry.  So am I.    To the drive thru we go.   Cheeseburgers all around.    Of course things are dropped milk is spilled.   Screams begin.  I am in the middle of a pounding headache.  I would like caffeine  injected into my veins.  

The screams and demands are not stopping.  If I was 3 I would be screaming too. Heck, I am 31 and I would like to lay on the floor and cry.   Well I do the ultimate parent thing.  I PULL OVER THE CAR. I am half way in the back seat.  This means my backseat is sticking up in the front seat.  

Then I notice As I am picking up milk lids and half eaten cheeseburgers, there is a police car approaching with lights on.   He pulls up next to me (and my big back side sticking in the air). "Is everything alright ma'am?  (now I feel old and embarrassed)

The boys were ecstatic.  " Police car!  Police car!   He's talking to mommy!"

"No, Officer, we are fine.  Just a three-year-old burger emergency"

"Okay, I was just checking"  He replied with a smile.  I think he was a dad by the understanding look in his eyes.

The rest of the ride home was nice.  The boys were happy with their cheeseburgers, and I think they think that officers are there to make sure that mommies get cheeseburgers for kids.  


  1. Katie that is so funny! We will be in town in May so we have to plan a playdate. We miss you, Hope the boys and you are well.

  2. We would love to see you guys for a playdate. Just give us a ring.