Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Steve and I took the boys down to a beach on Lake Michigan one lazy Sunday afternoon.   It was sunny and warm.  The water was cool and calm.    The boys had so much fun throwing rocks into the water.    They even enjoyed splashing their little toes in the cold cold waves.   I enjoyed sitting with my hubby on the beach watching the waves, and listening to the giggles of the boys as they played.   
       The best part was people had brought their dogs to play, and the boys got tons of wet doggie kisses.    One man brought his Irish Wolfhound, which even as a young pup stood about 4 foot tall on all fours.  Nathan kept saying "Horse, I see horse"


  1. Look like such a fun day!! We have NO beaches anywhere close...bummer! Your boys are looking so grown up all of a sudden!!!!!! Great pics.:) erika

  2. What a gorgeous beach! That chair is perfect. I wish we had sandy beaches nearby. Not counting the humanmade sand on Saylorville :)