Saturday, December 8, 2007

All Moved In - Kind-of

So we officially are all moved in. The condo is no longer ours, another happy young couple moved in today. The five of us went to clean in out and say one last goodbye. The boys cried because we almost forgot it was their dinner time, and I cried as I fed them one last time in their first home.

Adam loves to dance to ANY music that he hears, he already has better rhythm than I do. Nathan has his first tooth, so he loves to bite anything right now from Tucker's ear to mom's finger...nothing is safe. They both love to cruise around the house on anything they can get to slide of the floor from toys to baskets to books, I never really realized how dirty my floors were until I look at those four little "used to be white" socks.
Dad taught Nathan to pretend chew. It is so funny. I taught Nathan to stick his tongue out, which I probably will regret later. Adam is going through a fussy stage, as I think he wants to walk - and he wants to walk right now darn it. Adam is teaching us all patience.

The best thing in the world is to see Adam and Nathan talking and laughing. Okay really the best thing in the world is to see them both sleeping.

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